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Willowbank Cherries Willowbank Cherries 3714 Whanregarwen, VIC

We are a family business located near Alexandra, Victoria, delighted to share our orchard fresh Australian cherries with you throughout the season. We welcome you to our farm and encourage you to pick your own cherries, eat as many as you like and pay for what you take home. U-pick/pick-your-own is by appointment only. During the cherry season we also have a roadside stall set up in Molesworth at the beginning of Whanregarwen Rd, just off the Goulburn Valley Highway - right on the Great Vict...

At "Willowbank Cherries" you can pick:


Chestnut Brae Farm Chestnut Brae Farm 6275 Nannup, WA

We welcome families or groups to come and pick your own chestnuts and if you would like to bring a picnic to the farm, please do not bring fruit onto our farm as we have no fruit fly here and do not want to risk any being introduced.

At "Chestnut Brae Farm" you can pick: